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In this episode, Iris shares the raw truth about her struggle with rejection and how God healed her and brought her to a place of personal reflection and growth.

The Landmark

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The Remedy for an Overwhelmed Heart


I have been acquainted with this feeling before.  One more errand to run.  The school project that was mentioned for the first time the night before it was due.  The paper that has to be submitted before Friday at 11:59 PM. The emails, texts, and voicemails that all need a response. Loads of laundry that […]

Finding the Rainbow after the Storm


This week, I faced another milestone in the year of the firsts. David’s 53rd Birthday would have been Tuesday. I searched my phone for one of my favorite pictures of us and could not find it. I made a mental note to organize my photos and I started thinking about so many things in my life […]

36 :Colorful Connections with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith


In their new book Colorful Connections: 12 Questions About Race That Open Healthy Conversations, two women of different races, authors Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith and Lori Stanley Roeleveld work together to open healthy conversations about race

33: Ways to Correct Spiritual Astigmatism


Are we quick to offer negative comments to situations because things “have never worked out” for you? If so, it may be time for a spiritual eye examination.

Bonus Episode – Maximizing the Moment


During this conversation with Daryl Jones & Monique Johnson, we focus on how we react when God gives an assignment to us that seems overwhelming.

Episode 17 – Black Maternal Health Awareness


Today we have an amazing, blogger, speaker, virtual cheerleader, and maternal health researcher on the show! Dr. Quantrilla Ard is here to share her wisdom and insight as we close out Mental Health Awareness Month.

Episode 16 – Finding Strength When Mother’s Day is Painful


Dr. Katrina Boykin is a licensed counselor and she is here to talk about ways to find strength and share joy with others when Mother’s Day is painful. She shares how her ministry When Mom is Gone, was birth during one of the most difficult times in her life. 

Episode 6 – My Chat with Keisha Montfleury


Today we have Keisha Montfleury, the Confidence Coach for Girls, on the show! Keisha is here to talk about how she found purpose on the other side of her pain.
If you’re navigating a hard season in your life–especially as it relates to self-esteem and worth, this episode is for you.

Episode 5 – The Landmark


Today podcast host, Iris Bryant shares the impact of monumental moments. She challenges us to reflect on those landmark moments that reveal, this is the place where healing occurred.