loss comes in many forms, and the path to healing is unique for each individual. 

wouldn't it feel

to Know that you are   

not navigating this journey alone?

Do you wonder if there is a way to find purpose in the middle of your hard season?




sad and shocked?


You struggle with intense and overwhelming emotions such as sadness, anger, or anxiety that may be difficult to manage.

You feeling lost or lack a sense of purpose
and direction in life, especially after a traumatic event or loss.

You experience difficulties in maintaining or forming
meaningful connections with others, potentially due to the impact of trauma or grief.

You have a desire for spiritual exploration
or the need to find meaning and purpose in the face of trauma or grief.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

the problem

She has walked through rejection and abandonment, learned to navigate life as a caregiver, and faced grief after the loss of her husband, David, the love of her life.

Because of these painful seasons of her life, she has credibility to speak into the pain of others.

Iris’ most important credentials come from the least favorite parts of her life. 

This Journey

Imagine knowing and walking freely into your purpose.

I am honored to walk alongside you on the journey!

I love helping women step out of the shadows of doubt, uncertainty, and shame and walk in the fullness of who God calls them to be. 

God has designed a beautiful life for you!

I'm a Christian life coach, podcaster & speaker who loves milk chocolate, coffee, and the beach.

Meet Coach Iris
  • an experienced guide who answers your questions and listens with compassion?
  • a coach with skills to share to help you overcome challenges and setbacks
  • a cheerleader who loves celebrating your victories with you?
What if you had: