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In this episode, Iris shares the raw truth about her struggle with rejection and how God healed her and brought her to a place of personal reflection and growth.

The Landmark

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27: This is My Adoption Story with Denise Defoe pt. 2


Denise Defoe dives deep into the topic of forgiveness and what she learned as she connected with members of her biological family.

26: This is My Adoption Story – They Chose Me with Denise Defoe pt. 1


From grief, anger, and resentment, adult adoptee, Denise Defoe was able to come to a place of acceptance, forgiveness, and peace.

23: This is My Adoption Story – Participating in Grace with Patrice Martin


Welcome to the first episode of My Adoption Story with my special guest, Patrice Martin. Patrice, an adult adoptee, was featured on TLC’s Long Lost Family and joins us today to share an amazing testimony of God’s grace and forgiveness.

21: Finding Purpose in the Tough and Tender Issues of Our Lives


Doris Cush is equipped with a godly passion to reach the silent sufferers. She shares her tough and tender messages weaved out of her true life musings.

18: Exchanging Father Wounds for the Love of God the Father with Kia Stephens


Today we have  Kia Stephens on the show and she is here with a timely and sincere message for our listener

Episode 10 – How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose


Today we have an award-winning author on the show! Horace Williams, Jr. is here to talk about his book, The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose.

Episode 5 – The Landmark


Today podcast host, Iris Bryant shares the impact of monumental moments. She challenges us to reflect on those landmark moments that reveal, this is the place where healing occurred.