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​​​​practical teaching to help you find strength during any dark season you may encounter

encouragement and hope to grow through every challenge

an opportunity to connect with others who will walk alongside you on the journey.

Here's what's on the agenda:

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You can pay for the retreat in full or make an initial deposit to save your spot. Space is limited and all deposits and payments are nonrefundable. Full payment is $400. Payment plan requires an initial deposit of $150 and two payments of $125 on May 1st and June 1st. 

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After discovering that I was adopted, my identity felt like a huge question mark. Over time, people-pleasing behaviors that began as an innocent quest for affirmation spiraled into self-sabotaging habits that constantly derailed me from God’s will for my life.

With every poor choice I made, I felt further away from who God wanted me to be. The overwhelming sense that I could never measure up paralyzed me, leaving me without any hope that God could restore me.

I help women with hidden hurts find purpose on the other side of pain, and I know how it feels to question your worth & acceptance.

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