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In this episode, Iris shares the raw truth about her struggle with rejection and how God healed her and brought her to a place of personal reflection and growth.

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3 Ways to Reset Your Heart’s Rhythm


Have you ever experienced a hurt so deep and so unexpected that you didn’t know what to do? Have you ever been blindsided by job loss, relationship problems, or financial woes and wondered how much more could your heart take? Have you ever experienced a blow so devastating that you felt the literal wind had […]

Episode 12 – More Confessions of a Recovering People Pleasing


Join me in this solo episode as I provide a glimpse into the mindset of a recovering people pleaser. I share snippets of a continuation from Episode 8 of Hidden Jewels. If you: desire to please God more than you desire to please man need to find truths to replace the lies the enemy has told you  […]

Episode 4 – The Cultivation of Peace pt. 4


Debra Cheek is our guest today. She is sharing about the importance of peace and prayer–which is what we have been discussing here since Episode 1