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In this episode, Iris shares the raw truth about her struggle with rejection and how God healed her and brought her to a place of personal reflection and growth.

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Three Reasons You Can’t Quit

(This post was originally publihed on “Iris’s Insights” blog October 2016) As I sat at my desk preparing to post this week’s insight, I read two messages and had a phone call from people who were seemingly at the end of their rope. Each of them had hit a pivotal point in their careers/ministry and […]

Grieving Well on the Anniversary of Loss

The anniversary of a loved one’s passing can be an emotional minefield. As the host of the “Grieving Well” podcast, I recently experienced this on the first anniversary of my husband David’s death. Though I planned self-care activities like a massage, beach visit, and lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, April 18th was excruciatingly […]

The Story I’ll Tell: Navigating Grief with Purpose and Faith

Reflecting on the eve of David’s surgery brings back memories of quiet conversations and unspoken fears. His stirring at 1 a.m. led me to rise and check on him, unknowingly setting the tone for my grief journey. In those still hours of the night, as we grappled with the weight of impending separation and the […]

Makes You Wanna Holler: The Physical Impact of Grief

When I first started this writing journey, over 10 years ago, I tried to find a message in life’s little moments. Each post was about my daily experiences and how I could identify God’s hand in the middle of it all.  I have wondered what this chapter of  my life would look like as I […]

The Remedy for an Overwhelmed Heart

I have been acquainted with this feeling before.  One more errand to run.  The school project that was mentioned for the first time the night before it was due.  The paper that has to be submitted before Friday at 11:59 PM. The emails, texts, and voicemails that all need a response. Loads of laundry that […]

Finding the Rainbow after the Storm

This week, I faced another milestone in the year of the firsts. David’s 53rd Birthday would have been Tuesday. I searched my phone for one of my favorite pictures of us and could not find it. I made a mental note to organize my photos and I started thinking about so many things in my life […]

What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?

Another Sunday morning approached and I wondered why the things that we pray so earnestly to receive are the very things that keep us praying….and fasting…and praying some more? It may be the prayer for peace on the job. Or a prayer for your marriage. Or a prayer for your children. There is not an […]

Three Things to Remember During a Storm

Recently, two of my cousins and I traveled to Buffalo, New York for the funeral services of a cousin who was killed in a traffic accident. Although the reason for the visit was not joyous, being with family–many of my cousins I had not seen in quite a few years–was refreshing. We were careful in […]

Expressing Gratitude While Navigating Grief

Are you ever prepared for the reminders of a story that didn’t end as you planned? I put all the boundaries and laid a framework to guard my heart and protect my emotions as we prepared for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I attended a grief support group to learn about surviving […]

Flourishing After Loss

Today’s blog post was written by Dorina Gilmore-Young. This devotion is from her latest book, Breathing Through Grief: A Devotional Journal for Seasons of Loss which was released this week. It is my prayer that this sneak peek of the book brings encouragement to whoever may be grieving. I HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT: KILLING PLANTS. […]