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In this episode, Iris shares the raw truth about her struggle with rejection and how God healed her and brought her to a place of personal reflection and growth.

The Landmark

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Flourishing After Loss

Today’s blog post was written by Dorina Gilmore-Young. This devotion is from her latest book, Breathing Through Grief: A Devotional Journal for Seasons of Loss which was released this week. It is my prayer that this sneak peek of the book brings encouragement to whoever may be grieving. I HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT: KILLING PLANTS. […]

This is What Pain Taught Me

Have you ever seen a person wearing a t-shirt indicating they were in pain? You know the kind of t-shirt that boldly states the wearer is “Fabulous at 40” or “Fierce & 50” –those t-shirts are attention grabbers, but I’ve never seen a t-shirt that glorifies or brings attention to a person’s pain.

3 Ways to Reset Your Heart’s Rhythm

Have you ever experienced a hurt so deep and so unexpected that you didn’t know what to do? Have you ever been blindsided by job loss, relationship problems, or financial woes and wondered how much more could your heart take? Have you ever experienced a blow so devastating that you felt the literal wind had […]


Once while traveling in Virginia, I passed a road sign that intrigued me and made me wonder about the people who dwelled there. 

The sign was an exit for Hurt, Virginia. As I looked at the sign, I thought: “What kind of people live in Hurt?”

Reflection 2022 – The Grace to Cross Over

This is the final episode of Hidden Jewels, but I will continue podcasting, just with a new name and a new mission.

I pray that you will be encouraged as you cross over into the new that God has prepared for you

Adopted and Healed with Kristen Yates

This episode will bring healing and deliverance to those who desire a closer relationship with God or who just desire to have peace in their lives.

Adopted and Healed with Kristina Wise

Kristina R. Wise, adult adoptee, is a passionate speaker, educator, CEO & Founder of Spiritual Healing Sisterhood, Inc.

Sheis a fun and energetic Bible teacher who encourages women to flourish in their purpose.

37: Adopted and Healed with Sherry Jones

Have you ever questioned your life’s purpose? Have you ever wondered how God could use your story to bring hope and healing to others? The guest on this episode shares how God has used her life to bring encouragement and inspiration to others.

36 :Colorful Connections with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

In their new book Colorful Connections: 12 Questions About Race That Open Healthy Conversations, two women of different races, authors Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith and Lori Stanley Roeleveld work together to open healthy conversations about race

God Sees You

In today’s episode, we’re going to look into the life of Hagar and how she handled adversity. We will also examine how God responded to her during that adverse situation.

Join me today as we are reminded that God sees us.